Black Cricut Expression Bundle

Black Cricut Expression Bundle

Designing your paper craft projects with the Black Cricut Expression Machine is easy with the features and included extras. This set has the following items packed into it:

  • Black Cricut Expression Machine
  • Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge
  • Serenade Solutions Cartridge *rare*
  • 12×12 Cutting Mat

The machine can cut sizes in the range from 0.25 inches to 23.5 inches and is compatible with all Cricut cartridges. It also features 6 different modes and four functions to help the crafter reach creative potential. The machine weighs around 17 pounds, making it very portable to take on-the-go to your next scrapbooking function. This bundle features an all black expression and the exclusive serenade cartridge, but otherwise is the same as the standard Cricut Expression machine.

The Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge offers immense possibilities in its included font that has six different manipulations to choose from. It also features a variety of shapes that the crafter can print to enhance projects like circles, hearts, stars, flowers and many others. The creative features that is has are also impressive: end caps shadow, shadow, tall ball, roly poly, italic and end caps. The Serenade Solutions Cartridge also gives the consumer a broad selection of choices. Creative features to enhance the images include shadow and blackout. For image selection, nature comes alive with icons like: bird house, flowers, trees, flourishes, bird bath, clouds, vases and branches. The serenade cartridge is sold exclusively with the bundle and cannot be found anywhere else (But I’ve had great luck with Ebay).

The Black Cricut Expression Bundle will make a priceless edition to your scrapbooking supplies and gives you endless creative potential. This machine is hard to find, but is carried in-stock on EBay, which offers hassle free shopping without the lines, crowds and frustration. Here, you can get this bundle at an extremely reasonable price that is affordable. Shipping and insurance choices also help you to receive it in no time, ready for you to being creating the projects you’ve always wanted to do. Click here to secure yours today!


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