Create A Critter

Create A Critter

“Lions, and tigers, and bears” are all on the new Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge. Whether you have a young child who is crazy about animals, or you just like these cute little critters, this is an adorable set. With over fifty different loveable creatures and many more little images to accent, this cartridge will be a favorite for many different age groups.

This cartridge has six different creative features. There are three different layers to many of the creatures. This gives a creative as well as professional look to each project. Each critter also has its own phrase and its own accessory. As a finishing point, the shadow option finishes off the design.

The project ideas are endless for this Cricut Create a Critter Cartridge. A simple story book could be made by taking one or two of these creatures and gluing them into a small photo album. By adding the accessories and phrases, all that would be needed to finish this book would be either an imagination of a child, or some words typed into a word processing program and printed out. What a wonderful gift for a child or grandchild.

Is there a bathroom or bedroom in your house that can use some whimsical creativity? By framing the monkey or the elephant in the color of your choice, you have just made one of a kind wall art for your jungle themed bedroom. There are jungle animals, sea creatures, house pets, woodland animals, adorable rodents, and cute insects to choose from.

There is also a turkey and a reindeer for seasonal decorations. When made larger, these can be glued to cardboard and cut out for added decorations around the house. They can be made smaller to be used for table place cards.

Simple cards can be made in a matter of minutes. Yet no one will know that they were simple and only took a few minutes. The details on each animal add so much depth and creativity. From the flower on the snail’s shell to the pirate’s hat on the octopus, each design shows many creative elements.

Not sure how to decorate for your child’s birthday party? There are so many choices on this cartridge that the possibilities are endless. Not only are there so many creatures to choose from, but also the idea of being able to put them in any color desired. Why does the cow have to be black and white? Why not try it in purple and pink?

Even if you don’t have a child in your home, you can probably already see the possibilities here. The designs here are sure to add a smile on anyone’s face when showcased on a card or in a scrapbook. The Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge is sure to be a favorite.

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