Cricut Cake Machine

Cricut Cake Machine

Provocraft has done it once again with the new Cricut Cake Machine, bringing the beauty of professionally done cakes to your kitchen. Any kind of decoration that you can imagine can be cut out from rolled out gum paste. Names, phrases and images come out in seconds and easily attach to the cake surface.

The fonts available range from letters with a flourish to connected script that will accent any cake beautifully. Professionals have to use pastry bags in order to do lettering, and this takes experience to become skilled at. This is no longer true, as the Cricut Cake Machine puts years of experience into a machine that does the same work in minutes. You can print out phrases such as: “birthday,” “groom,” “love,” and many more. In addition, the Cricut Cake Basics Cartridge that comes with the set has an endless amount of images from birds, hearts, flowers, designs and a plethora of others that can be combined to make any theme come to life. There are also numerous creative features to accent the font and images for a greater effect.

To operate the machine, you roll the gum paste flat, lay it onto the cutting mat, insert in the machine and choose your design. The machine cuts it out, and you can easily mount the design directly onto the cake. You can even use any of the other cartridges from the Cricut line as well to add even more decorating options.

For your next anniversary, make your spouse a surprise cake that features phrases connected with you both. You can print out “Happy Anniversary” and similar phrases that can be put right onto the cake. Use the same color to make the decoration consistent, or you can mix and match them for a unique twist on the design. Then, purchase a blank white cake box from a local bakery and use your Cricut Expression machine to print out “Happy Anniversary” on card stock. Glue it onto the top and your spouse will be surprised when they come home.

Also, you can layer designs, such as with flowers, by putting different layers of gum paste on top of one another. The flower petals can be pulled slightly forward to give them a more three-dimensional look. This is wonderful when you are trying to make a birthday cake for a child. You can print out characters of all types from various cartridges, including: superheroes, princesses, animals and so many others. You can easily make a themed cake to match your child’s interests without having to pay a fortune. You can now do in minutes what the professionals have been doing for years.


18 Responses to “Cricut Cake Machine”
  1. staci says:

    That is awesome!!! Something to think about in the future when I have extra cha-ching!

  2. evelia bernal says:

    A few weeks ago I saw a demo,and was very impress, well i bought expression Cricut machine, i also bought video but it don’t come with instructions on how to make gum paste, so i am getting very discouraged, I am i wasting my time and $ should i just return it.

  3. melissa says:

    I love using my cricut expressions to cut gumpaste. i got a great DVD online showing me how.

  4. wanda kee says:

    will we be able to use the cricut expression machine to decorate cakes or do you have to have the cake machine to do cakes

  5. Barbara says:

    You can buy ready-made gumpaste or fondant from stores that sell Wilton products. website has recipes for making your own. I like to make my own as I think it tastes better…but it is not easy to get it right the first time.

  6. Barbara says:

    So far, ProvoCraft has been unclear about this. Is it on purpose ? Who knows? They are in it for profits, so I would not be surprised if the Expression machine won’t do it. At least you will probably need a new blade & housing and certainly the new mats to do it.

  7. Barbara says:

    Where did you get this DVD ?

  8. Jennifer says:
    She’s used her Expression for a long time to decorate professional wedding cakes. She put out a “how to” DVD a while back. Amazing!

  9. LenaD says:

    The Cricut Cake is made from FDA approved food safe parts, whereas the Expression is not. You can certainly do the same with the Expression, as the cartridges work in both machines, and you can do it with the Expression mats (you just have to thoroughly clean the sticky stuff off the Expression mats). blog has a very good comparison post about the two, testing out different materials and giving pros and cons about using the expression for food. HTH!

  10. Jenifer says:

    I love my cricut original, and love to make cakes…All the U tube videos etc say you can’t use the C Cake for cut paper. What about vise versa? Why can’t I get a cake/fondant blade for the cricut I have, after all they DO sell the half size (12 x 6″) food safe mats! What are these for if you cant use them in the smaller machine?!?!….suspicious if you ask me. (like I need to go out and buy every new machine that comes out.) :(

  11. Sheila Amiot says:

    I would like to know how to see this DVD also.

  12. Steph says:

    I saw on one of the cake challenge shows that the expression does work for cakes. I would suggest the “cake” cutting tools and mat as everything has to be “food grade” Any gum paste and fondant should work as consistency is the same.

  13. goodies galour says:

    the “fondant sheets” taste awful….. and my recipe is too SOFT to cut — it tears it up!

    Gum Paste– my recipe seems to tear – no matter how THIN it is rolled. I do not care for the WILTON premix.

    HELP — I’m gonna practice some more, but having more difficulties than progress at this point.

  14. Gaunty says:

    So did anyone figure out if you can use the expression machine to cut out the cake designs, or do you have to buy the cake machine?

  15. cassandra says:

    Yes it’s so true you can use your expression machine to do the same as the cricut cake…so you don’t have to buy another machine. If you don’t like certain kinds of fondants try the homemade marshmallow fondant (works great)

  16. Margie Barnett says:

    Before I get the expression machine I also want the cake designs will one machine do both?

  17. jessica says:

    i cant even figure out which buttons to push to cut ot font on my cake machine help??

  18. Debbie says:

    I have an expression. Does the cake cartridge cut just paper, not interested in making cakes with it.

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