Cricut Maintenance

Replacing the cutting blades on the cricut machine.

The cutting blade is very durable, but it’s actual life will vary depending on the types of papers and settings used. It will last for at least 125 to 150 single cuts.

To replace the cutting blade, you first need to remove the cutting blade assembly. Locate the thumbscrew, and turn in counter-clockwise until it loosens enough that you can swing it to the right. Be careful not to loosen the screw to much or it will fall out.

removing the blade

removing the blade

Remove the cutting blade assembly from the machine.

To remove the blade, press down on the blade release.

the blade housing

push down

The blade will emerge from the bottom of the assembly, where it’s held in place by a magnet. Carefully remove the blade by gently pulling it out of the assembly.

pull out

To install a new blade, let go of the blade release, and carefully insert the shaft of the new blade into the hole in the bottom of the cutting blade assembly. The blade will be pulled up into the assembly if properly installed. Replace the cutting blade assembly. Please remember that the blades are very sharp, and should be handled with the utmost care.

replace blade

The Cutting Mats

You can expect anywhere from 25 to 40 full mat cuts from their Cricut cutting mat, before it requires replacement. The actual life of the mat till vary depending on the settings and papers they use. The cutting mat is designed so it can be inserted into the Cricut machine with the arrow pointing toward the Cricut machine, or with the arrow pointing away from the Cricut machine. When the mat is inserted with the arrow pointing away from the machine, it’s important to remember that the paper still needs to be aligned in the lower left hand corner of the mat, and the blade still needs to be aligned in the upper right hand corner of the mat. Changing the direction of the mat every once in a while will prolong it’s life.

paper alignment

The measurement marks are designed to be used easily when the mat is facing either direction.

measurement marks

Another option is to purchase several mats, rotating them often, this will extend the overall life of each mat.

Some additional tips for caring for the Cricut machine include: keeping it away from food and liquids, keeping it in a dry dust free location, not leaving it in a car where excessive heat or cold might damage plastic parts. Not exposing it to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. The Cricut machine can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, any excess moisture should be immediately dried off with a soft cloth. No part of the machine should ever be immersed in water.

You should not use chemicals or alcohol based cleaners on the Cricut machine. Abrasive cleaning tools should also be avoided.

For more information, see your Cricut manual.