George and Basic Shapes

George and Basic Shapes

George and Basic shapes cartridge is the included cartridge with the original Cricut machine. The cartridge has a nice hybrid combo of items, with a basic font, and basic shapes (just as the name implies).

The George cartridge supports sign, slotted, charm, silhouette, shadow, and shadow blackout.

If you did not get this cartridge with your Cricut, then it can be somewhat hard to find, but some retailers do carry it from time to time if you watch. Another good place to look is on eBay.


5 Responses to “George and Basic Shapes”
  1. Kansas A says:

    Instead of paying outrageous prices at eBay you can make your own George cartridge using glue, tape, cardboard, and tinfoil for free. Really this does work! Here’s a link to the tutorial, no strings attached!

  2. CartridgeHelper says:

    Very cool Kansas A!

    Does this work with the other cartridges as well? Wouldn’t that be a sham!

  3. Kansas A says:

    Unfortunately it only works with the George cartridge. All the other ones have built in memory chips so it won’t work. George is built in to the Cricut machine and it’s connecting the right pins that makes it activate.

  4. Gigi says:

    do you know if it is built in the cricut create too?

  5. Kansas A says:

    It’s built into all the Cricuts, so yes it will work with the create.

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