Your family memories can be imaginatively preserved using the Heritage Cricut Cartridge. Featuring multiple images for you to choose from, you can create memorable projects with pictures like: hats, houses, birds, silhouettes, airplane, boat and a car. The features will also enhance your projects, and include:

  • Word
  • Frame
  • Charm
  • Font
  • Font Shadow
  • Shadow

A variety of words related to family history are also included. These options give you the opportunity to create a wide variety of crafts, memory items and other related projects.

Creating a family tree album can be a snap using the images and features on the Heritage Cartridge. Start with purchasing a nice, hard cardboard cover journal from your local craft store, which makes it easier to attach the images to. Print out several of the silhouettes, print them on black cardstock and cut them out. Then, layer each one with one or two colors below to create depth. Using the font shadow, print out the words “FAMILY TREE” as well in a different color. Attach the silhouettes around the edges to create a decorative border. Then, center the words and attach them as well. You can add your family name in the center to personalize the book. You can then put in family pictures, a tree showing relations and embellish them using the various images available.

Another project to try is to create family history posters that can be framed and hung up. Buy archival quality mat board and print off a male and female silhouette on black paper. Attach them at the top of the board with one on each side. Then below, add an assortment of family pictures of your grandparents, parents or another couple in your family. You can embellish these with names done with the font and also other images from the cartridge. Frame and hang this memory board on your wall.

The Heritage Cricut Cartridge will be the perfect way to keep your family memories alive and to showcase them in a whole new way.

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