Just Because Cards

Just Because Cards

Sometimes the very best things in life are small, unexpected pleasures, the kind you can create with the “Just Because” Cards Cricut Cartridge. It is the perfect tool to help you create those moments for people you care about. The cartridge has a terrific variety of phrases and images for everyday use, including animals, insects, food, flowers, toys, cars and more. The product consists of 40 cards with layers, 10 envelope designs, and cuts for phrases, stencils, and stickers.

Whether you are scrapbooking, helping with Scout projects, or creating a card for a friend, a relative, or a teacher, the “Just Because” cartridge will provide the designs you need. The cartridge provides the following creative features:

  • Layer 1
  • Layer 2
  • Layer 3/Shadow
  • Word
  • Sticker
  • Stencil

The cheerful images on the cartridge can evoke happy memories of both everyday life and special occasions. You can use the “Just Because” Cards Cricut Cartridge to create a variety of fun projects.

Everyday Project Ideas

For invitations to a neighborhood coffee klatch, use the coffeepot image and include the pie or cake image. Imagine the smiles when neighbors open the card and enjoy the creativity! You could also create a set of refrigerator magnets to keep your pre-school child busy and teach basic vocabulary. Print items such as the car, wagon, bicycle, rocket, canoe, and truck on thick card stock, laminate the items, cut out, and place magnetic tape on the back. Now your child has something to play with while you are cooking dinner or working in the kitchen. With these items you have a transportation theme going, but you could just as easily do an insect theme with the butterfly, ladybug, and worm, or an animal theme with the pig, squirrel, duck, dog, whale, rooster, and chicken.

Special Memories Projects

If you are taking the Scout troop to a rodeo, you could use the cowboy boot to make colorful nametags for each child. A neighborhood ice cream social in the summer would benefit from invitations using the ice cream sundae, ice cream bar, frosty summer drink, and bright sun face to bring forth that happy summer mood. When a new neighbor moves in, don’t just bring a plate of cookies, print an invitation using the house image and create a customized sticker or stencil to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Additional images not yet mentioned include a pickle, a fish bowl, several flowers, a milk carton, a lamb, pear, apple, fishing rod, owl, honey pot, watermelon, a tree and swing, a cheerful gingerbread man, a beet, a peach, a carrot, and a lemon.

The applications you can make with this cartridge are limited only by the imagination. With the “Just Because” Cards Cricut Cartridge on hand, you will be prepared to create just the right touch for any of life’s occasions.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Can the envelopes be made using a Cricut Personal machine, I only have the small one and the mats are 6×12. Thanks

  2. Monica says:

    I have the same ? can the envelops be cut with the personal cutter? and how

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