Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

The Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge is packed full of features and images to preserve your memories in a tasty fashion. For greater variety, the cartridge offers the following features:

  • Layers
  • Tags
  • Cards
  • Cupcake Holders
  • Party Favors
  • Shadow/Blackout

For image choices, there is no short supply of choices to create with, including: ice cream cones of various kinds, cupcakes, presents, number candles, flower shapes, and a piece of cake for starters. These images are filled with colorful detail that adds flair to your designs.

If you have a birthday rolling around, this cartridge can help you to create a unique invitation to send out to guests. Print out one large cupcake on cardstock and add a layer of a different color below. Then, using a font of your choice, print out the word “BIRTHDAY!” and glue it to the front of the cupcake near the center. Print out the number candles that correspond to the proper age and glue them at the top of the card. You can then write the information for the party on the reverse side. This will be simple to make and mail.

Another project is to create a fun craft for the party using the images from the Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge. Print out several large pieces of cake, giving you at least one for each child. Then, print and cut out a variety of flowers, number candles and other extras that each child can use to decorate his or her piece of cake with. You will need to have glue, glitter and crayons available for added fun. This will give you an inexpensive, interactive craft that the party guests will enjoy making.

Tasty, fun creations can be made easily using this cartridge which has numerous images and features for you to manipulate. The Sweet Treat Tricut Cartridge will make a valuable addition to your collection.

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