Everyday Paper Dolls

Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut cartridge is meant as a yin to Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge yang. While Paper Doll Dress Up had some out there costumes this new cartridge focuses on the more mundane, every day sort of dolls. That’s not to say that it’s boring though! This cartridge oozes creativity and would go well with lots of school projects for your younger kids. You can make a nurse, an astronaut, a graduating dolls, a police (wo)man,... Read More

All Mixed Up

All Mixed Up- This cartridge contains a very quirky font. It is perfect for birth announcements or baby shower invitations. It has circle, riveted square, and tag cut out options. It also comes with the Silhouette, Shadow, and Shadow Blackout features.  Read More

Stretch Your Imagination

This cartridge is perfect for absolutely any holiday or type of year. From under water characters to birthday cakes and snowmen this has it all. Its features allow you to make layers, silhouettes, and card cutouts. It also includes the shadow and blackout options.  Read More

New Arrival

This cartridge is ideal for baby showers, birth announcements, and baby books. Strollers, rubber ducks, cute animal characters, pins, and little feet are just a few of the images this has to offer. It has the feature to cut out your images in three different card styles and into a circle. It also has the Shadow and Shadow Blackout features.  Read More


This cartridge is very convenient as it comes in handy any time of the year. Whether it’s for an Ice Cream Social or Thanksgiving dinner this has it all. Just a few of the images include snowflakes, butterflies, a school bus, watermelon, spiders, and seahorses. It does tag, charm, card, and border cutouts. The Shadow and Blackout options are also included.  Read More